Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alaska Home Sweet Home!

Priate Cy @ the Forest Fest in Girdwood

Hiking with some friends

On the trail

Alyeska ski resort

So we have been in Alaska over a month now, have meet lots of new people, and have had lots of visitors.  We have been to many parks, and me and the kids are joining as many mom groups as our schedule will hold!!  We are loving our church and church family and friends, and Josh is loving his new job!!  Here are some pics from some of the different things and places we have visited!!  Summer here is a bit different than what we are used to but we are still getting out and having fun!  When the sun in shining here you better get out and enjoy it, so that is just what we have been doing!  Until next time we all send our hellos and love to our friends and family back home in Cashmere!!