Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings!

I have so very much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  But I am most thankful for a kind family that came into our lives a couple months ago.  We have been in Alaska 6 months now, so crazy!!  But a HUGE blessing in our lives has been Christa Babin!  She came all the way from sunny Hawaii:)  She helps Josh with the children's ministry and so much more!  But a huge perk is our kids love her to DEATH!!  Which if you know Sarie this is huge.  There is just a hand full of people that I can leave this girl with she is a mommas girl (Sarie)!  So to make a long story short, we have gotten to know Christa's family and they are just as equally awesome as her.  So this Thanksgiving we had the privilege of going to there house for the day!  We spent the morning helping Chrissie cook, & watching the parade, and the afternoon was spent eating great food, & hanging out.  There were about 40 people so we felt just at home:)  It was hard being away from our family for this special day, but no other people we would have rather spent it with than the Babins!  We finished our night off having our best est friends over and their two kiddos for a movie and the girls went black Friday shopping!  Well actually the boys kicked off the shopping at walmart first:)  I hope Thanksgiving was full of blessing for you all as well!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Fun!

November is a month full of thanksgiving!  What am I most thankful for.... the chance to be home with my kids!  I am so incredibly blessed, and honestly never thought it would be possible for me to stay home.  But God is so faithful and so good, so here I am HOME!  Some days I do think, yikes what was I thinking, but more often than not I truly enjoy every second.  

This year I decided to home school Cyrus for his first year of preschool.  How is it going?  Well despite his desire to go to school outside the home, fine.  He is very social I am not really sure who he gets that from:)  So I have been trying to keep him busy with soccer, playgroups, awanas and so much more.  Here are some pictures of our latest crafts and activities!  I had to throw in some cute ones of Sarie, I had her hair fixed so cute and wanted pictures for proof before she had is ruined!  
How is Sarie?  Well that little spit fire is doing just fine, she enjoys trying to keep up with her bigger brother and his friends.  Her latest is asking, why?  I thought I was the only one it irritated but come to find out it really gets on Cyrus's nerves too!  The child is absolutely obsessed with Elmo!  So fun to see her little personality, God bless us as we try to tame it!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just another monday!

Happy Veterans Day!!

We have been surrounded by great veterans our whole life, but since moving to Alaska we are surrounded by even more, and more aware everyday of the sacrifice they and their families make for us and our country every day!!!  We had the privilege of having our great friend Rylan over for the day, so we took advantage of the holiday and did a fun craft!