Friday, March 29, 2013

March Madness!

Can't believe Easter is almost here, and March is almost over!  This past month the kids and I have been attending a Mops group.  We have made so many great friends and had the chance to explore Eagle River with them.  This past week we had a mops play date at pizza hut where the kids got to make their own personal pizzas!  It was a hit.
Also this month Cyrus participated in his first Awanas pine wood derby car race!  What a blast it was.
No first place, or any place at all, but a great time with friends.  I do believe his highlight of the night was going out for ice cream after with his best buds Haden & Rylan:)
What excites the kids most?  Surprise packages in the mail!  Cy got one from his best friend in WA Colton, and then they both got a Easter package from Papa & Grandma Talbot.  That sure provided lots of smiles and fun.
We have done much celebrating and preparing for Easter this month also.  We have been doing the resurrection eggs with the kids and what a great time it has been teaching them, and remembering what was done for us on the cross.  And of course we can't wait for Easter day to get here, excited to  Celebrate with our family at ACF!!

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